ISS Night'13

Hey guys, it's been a long while again.. hehe
So update. I've been working on ISS Night'13 in the past few months. It's an event that combines dress-as-fancy-as-u-can and food and performances together. ISS actually stands for International Students Society so obviously you'll see a lot of cultures and variety there.

The position I'm working is Creative & Multimedia.. So I do visuals, poster, banners and etc.
And these are the logos I made :

I had to change the design as the first one had like a paisley pattern which is similar to an event MMU had previously called "Soul Carnival" . When I designed it I took the idea reference from a poster when i google image for "Festival Poster". (in case anyone thinks iss night stole soul carnival's design) After I designed the whole thing I went back to facebook and found that some of my friends had soul carnival's logo on their profile picture made me go like : SHIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT. Until I made another design (the squares) to avoid complains or copyright thingy, I was told that the sponsors already used the initial design in a certificate they just printed out. Then I'm like... I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THAT THE FIRST LOGO WAS THE OFFICIAL ONE? SOMEONE SHOULDVE TOLD ME. OR ITS WASNT THE OFFICIAL ONE. PEOPLE JUST USED WHAT THERE IS.

Haisshh.. Well y'know in the design industry, they're gonna throw away designs like it was a piece of paper. Doesn't matter how much time or how good it is. If it's not as the others wanted they're gonna reject/throw it like shit. T_T

Anyway there were a lot of meeting.. But I didn't go. 1 because I have other group meetings, 2 because whenever I go to meetings, out of more than an hour of discussion about other things my part/task is discussed for 1 minute or less. I mean okay if the whole team is design team, yes you can talk about the concept, font, primary color and stuff but this, people are gonna be like "Uma do the flyer design okay" . Done. That's it, there's nothing more to discuss .. lol. And the rest is up to you. Then other than that you have to listen to finance, lighting, food, and etc which most of the time, I got nothing to say.

Another part of my task is to do the video. My concept was silhouette rotoscope of dances from different parts of the world. Well FUCK YOU KNOW WHY? I COULDNT EVER LIKE EVER SAVE THE FILE. Because

1) Sony Vegas crashed.
2) When file is saved, open the file, error popped up.

And I worked on the video for almost 3 weeks. Each merely, 4-6 second clip consists of around 200 layers which I had to make a color silhouette out of. And in total I got around 16 of them. Compiled them all in Sony vegas, Added and edit sounds and logos and shit. and BAM! Fucking shit was never uploaded. I got nothing to say to my other committees because I kept promising them but it was never there. The reason why sounds ridiculous so I pretended like I never made the video. So yaaaaaaaaaahhhhh...

Okay after all the behind the scenes, on ISS Night'13, I thought of wearing something formal until Ashwaan's mom invited me to om nom in street mall. And they kinda had a bazaar there so I'm like hey how about I wear something Oman because I'm like half Omani plus I used to wear Thai dress all the time when I was young. So I just bought whatever I thought would make my outfit look Omani. Dress up, wore a nice make up and done. So I went to grand hall looking like that all the way there. Then people are like woaa nice! You're representing India is it? . zzz Then I'm like no. It's Oman.

Anyway. Most of the time I was running back and forth preparing slides for later. And I was sweating like shit. I didnt even enjoy a bit of the show except from Thailand's one. That's the only performance I watched decently without running around and getting a glimpse. Finally after the event ended I was kind of disappointed because I thought the committees will be called on stage and thanked and stuff.. But noooooooo... None of the behind the scenes people are remembered. Only the hot chicks and food. uhuhuhu.

Well yeah that's it. I wanted some more recognition for my hard work but.. It's okay.. Next event I hope I can be called on stage like "Uma, in charge of the creative division!" .. hee~